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Reinforcing the immune system

Boost your well-being with our Longrich immune-boosting products. Innovative formulas and powerful ingredients work in harmony to boost your natural defense.

Product Kit

Experience excellence with our carefully designed Longrich kits. Complete sets for a complete experience, combining exceptional quality and well-being.

Hygiene product

Explore our range of Longrich hygiene products, synonymous with cleanliness and freshness. Advanced formulas and quality ingredients give you a revitalizing and impeccable daily experience.

A propos de Longrich Quebec inc

Who are we ?

Canadian company, operating in the field of cosmetics and organic health products, is the regional or provincial franchise of longrich international. Its head office is located in Gatineau, in the Outaouais region, at 922 boulevard maloney est, local 3, j8p1h9. It supplies the entire province with products, and acts as an ambassador for the multinational company from which it derives.

Our objective is to continue investing in the research and development of innovative, cutting-edge products, in order to satisfy everyone's expectations, giving everyone the chance to live in a harmonious, healthy environment, while building a prosperous business.

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Why Choose Longrich Québec inc ?

N1 wholesaler in Quebec

As a leading wholesaler in Quebec, Longrich Quebec Inc. stands out for its commitment to excellence and quality. We pride ourselves on providing first-class health and wellness products, meeting the highest industry standards.

Fast delivery worldwide

At Longrich Quebec Inc., we understand the importance of speed and efficiency. Our fast worldwide delivery service ensures that our quality products reach our customers in the shortest possible time, wherever they are.

Secure payment

The security of your transactions is our priority. At Longrich Quebec Inc., we offer secure payment options to ensure the confidentiality and protection of your financial information.

Longirch certified

As a certified Longrich distributor, Longrich Québec Inc. is committed to maintaining the rigorous quality standards established by the brand. Our products are carefully selected and meet Longrich's strict criteria, guaranteeing our customers consistent excellence.

Feedback Customer

J'avais des menstruations très douloureuses depuis mon adolescent et j'avais des douleurs monstrueuses au bas ventre.Depuis le 15 juillet, j'utilise la valise de mélange de serviettes hygiéniques de Longrich .Depuis cette date, pas de douleur ni de crampe au bas ventre, je vaque à mes occupations tranquillement.Cliente satisfaite !
Lynda Y

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J'avais utilisé une pommade avec de l'hydroquinone et cela avait endommagé la peau de mon visage.J'ai donc utilisé le kit corporel de Longrich et après 2 semaines, j'ai retrouvé l'éclat de mon visage et de ma peau.Je suis une passionnée de ses produits , la pâte dentifrice , le Spray buccal, la serviette hygiénique et le café.Tellement naturel et bio, sans oublier le calcium en bonbon🥰Je vous le recommande, c'est un bel univers de produits bio, chacun y trouve son compte en fonction de ses besoins!
Jennifer H


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