Reinforcing the immune system

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  • Reinforcing the immune system
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    Arthro Supreviver (Glucosamine)

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    L’Arthro SupReviver (Glucosamine et Chondroïtine) est efficace dans le traitement de :

    Attaque Vasculaire cérébrale ou AVC
    Douleurs articulaires
    Il favorise la régénération du cartilage, facilite la régulation de l’activité cérébrale et de la pression sanguine. Il permet de régénérer les cellules de la peau et de lutter contre les boutons et les acnés. Il a pour effet bénéfique de renforcer le système immunitaire.

    NB : Non-indiqué pour les enfants et les femmes enceintes

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    Coffees with Cordyceps Decaffeinated

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    This decaffeinated coffee fights fatigue and stress, keeps you alert all day long, enhances sexual performance, excellent for convulsions in children. Very tasty.

    • Tones kidneys and lungs
    • Inhibits certain types of cancer
    • Treats convulsions in children and epileptic seizures
    • 18 amino acids, vitamins E, K, B1, B2 and B12
    • Increases sperm production and quality.
    • Quantity: 10 sachets
  • Reinforcing the immune system
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    Longrich Calcium is composed of calcium, zinc, iron and magnesium, three elements essential to organic metabolism. This dietary supplement can supplement the lack of calcium in your body.

    What does Longrich Calcium really do for you?

    Le Calcium contribue
    à la fonction musculaire normale,
    au maintien des os et des dents normaux
    à la croissance et au développement des os chez les enfants
    Il convient aux adultes, aux femmes enceintes, aux femmes allaitantes, et aux personnes âgées de 4 à 17 ans qui ont besoin de suppléments de calcium, de fer et de zinc
    Le calcium ne convient aux enfants de moins de 4 ans
    NB: A conserver hors de la portée des enfants

  • Reinforcing the immune system
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    Berry Oil Food Supplement

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    Berry Oil uses sea buckthorn berry oil as the main ingredient, plus thickener (edible gelatin), carotenes-E160a.

    C’est un supplément alimentaire complet qui convient à tous les adultes.

  • Reinforcing the immune system
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    Snake oil 120ml

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    Nutririch blue

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  • Energizing products
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    Nutririch pink

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    Longrich brown tea

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    Tea for blood pressure and fat reduction

    • This tea stabilizes your blood pressure. This product is made from hawthorn, Aloe Vera gel and green tea.
    • It helps prevent pathogenic factors.
    • It protects the liver and improves eyesight and diuresis.
    • It improves digestion and is effective in fat absorption.
    • It regulates lipid metabolism and physiology, helping to lower cholesterol, triglycerides and other elements of the overall lipid-lowering effect.
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    Longrich pink tea

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    It burns fat in your body.
    It contains green tea and the polyphenol present in green tea works to intensify fat oxidation levels and the rate at which the body converts food into calories.
    It aids weight loss.

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    Longrich green tea

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    Green tea increases metabolism and is effective for natural weight loss.

    • Cleanses toxins from the kidneys
    • Inhibits urinary tract infections
    • Prevents insulin spikes
    • Protects against blood clots in the veins
    • Reduces risk of esophageal cancer
    • Reduces bad cholesterol in the blood
    • Fights wrinkles and signs of aging
    • Treats constipation effectively

    Dosage: 1 sachet a day, steep in a liter of hot water and drink throughout the day.

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    Longrich liqueur wine

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    An exceptionally powerful wine liqueur for health (eliminates joint pain, stimulates libido, recommended for the elderly and people under daily stress).

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    Onde Rageuse Red Wine

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    Vitamin C

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    This product is not a medicine. It is not recommended to exceed the recommended dose or to take it in conjunction with other similar supplements. People with phenylketonuria should use it with caution.

    Our bodies need at least 100 mg of vitamin C. Longrich Vitamin C tablets contain 213 mg of vitamin C, helping to overcome vitamin C deficiency to maintain good form and promote better health. Each box of Longrich Vitamin C contains 60 tablets.

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