Anti-mosquito spray

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Mosquito Repellent Spray offers up to 8 hours' protection against bites thanks to 5% DEET. Relieves bites without irritation. Floral and fruity fragrance, can be used as a body perfume. Safe, non-carcinogenic, non-oxidizing. Disrupts mosquitoes. Eliminated through urine. Apply with care, avoiding eyes and mouth. Suitable for asthmatics and pregnant women with caution. Do not use on wounds. Dilute if allergic to alcohol. Protect yourself effectively against insects with this versatile spray.

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Anti-mosquito spray

Is an insect repellent, not an insecticide

  • Contains DEET as an active ingredient, protecting against mosquitoes and other biting or biting insects,
  • Relieves insect bites and causes no skin irritation up to 8 hours of protection against any mosquito bite or flying insect thanks to its 5% DEET concentration and other non-aggressive ingredients
  • Good floral and fruity fragrance, so can be used as a body perfume
  • Spray on the external part of the body, avoiding wounds Skin-friendly No carcinogenic or skin-damaging effects
  • does not cause oxidation
  • Son odeur perturbe les fonctions des récepteurs spéciaux des antennes de moustiques
  • Once it enters the human body, it is eliminated in the urine

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Advice: spray directly on the affected area,
Do not swallow, spray into the eye or mouth, keep away from children.
Use with caution on asthmatic patients and pregnant women. Do not apply to wounds. Dilute if allergic to alcohol.

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Anti-mosquito sprayAnti-mosquito spray
12.60 $
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