Artemisia Toothpaste 200g

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Discover Longrich Artemisia Toothpaste 200g, an innovative formula based on artemisia extract. This toothpaste offers a complete solution for oral health by reducing gum inflammation, relieving gingivitis, bleeding and pain. Thanks to artemisinin, it boosts the immune system, improves oral health with a fresh taste, and fights the parasites responsible for malaria. The presence of fluoride prevents cavities, while micro-particles ensure effective cleaning of teeth, protecting enamel. Opt for complete, revitalizing oral hygiene with this unique toothpaste.

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Artemisia Toothpaste 200g

Longrich artemisinin toothpaste contains artemisia extract which helps to:

  • Reduce gum inflammation;
  • Relieve gingivitis, bleeding gums, swelling and pain;
  • Strengthen your immune system;
  • Improve your oral health with its fresh, pleasant taste;
  • Freshen your breath;
  • Fight malaria parasites and maintain good oral health

It contains fluoride to prevent tooth decay and micro-particles to effectively clean tooth surfaces and protect enamel.

The small size of Artemisia Toothpaste 120g is available in the store.

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