Mouth Spray

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Discover Longrich Mouth Spray, a formula with white tea and menthol for permanently fresh breath. Eradicates mouth odors, treats children's coughs, refreshes, and offers antioxidant properties. Can be used to relieve cold symptoms and treat angina. Transform your oral hygiene with this multifunctional spray.

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Mouth Spray

Longrich Mouth Spray contains white tea and menthol essence. It helps sanitize the oral system. This keeps breath permanently fresh.

  • Helps eradicate oral odors and breath odors caused by eating, smoking or drinking;
  • A good emulsifier, it is effective in treating children's coughs, allowing the lungs to relax;
  • It has a refreshing effect and is used in the treatment of cellulite;
  • It stimulates cold receptors, producing a sensation of freshness when inhaled;
  • It has antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic properties derived from white tea;
  • It can be used with lukewarm water to relieve cold symptoms through steam;
  • It also helps treat angina and nasal congestion (sinusitis).

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Mouth SprayMouth Spray
8.82 $
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